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Rates and Charges

Minimum Rates:

Our minimum Rental Period is any 4 hour during the day, while we are open. These hours change during the seasons, please Click Here for our Current Hours.

Daily Rates:

Following Industry Rental Standards, the Daily Rate covers any 24 hour period.

  • Your Rental Period starts when you pick up the unit and ends when you return it.
  • For equipment with an hour clock, you may use it up to 8 hours in that 24 hour period.
  • Using it less that 8 hours will not affect the Daily Rate.
  • If you use it more than 8 hours, there will be a prorated charge for hours over 8 in a day that is equal to the Daily Rate divided by 8.
  • For units that are being delivered to you, the Rental Period will start at your predetermined time. 

Weekly Rates:

Our Weekly Rate is 4 times the Daily Rate and you can keep it for any 7 consecutive days.*

Monthly Rate:

Our Monthly Rate is 3 times the Weekly Rate and you can keep it for 4 weeks.*

* Does not apply to scaffold. Scaffolding is charged the Daily Rate for every day it is out.

Pickup and Return:

You may pick up or return rentals any time we are open. These hours change during the seasons, please Click Here for our Current Hours.

Sunday Rentals:

We are closed Sundays, so if you pick up a 1 day rental on Saturday after 4:30pm, you can return it on Monday by 8:30am and only be charged for 1 day.

Be aware that there is no tech support on Sunday.

Delivery and Pickup:

Delivery/pickup is charged from the time we leave the shop till the time we return.

Fuel Charges:

Fuel is charged only on the amount used. On small equipment that is picked up at the shop, it is full when it leaves and you are expected to return it full.


You are expected to grease and inspect large machines dailey .

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