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Honda FC600 Mid-Tine Tiller 26"

Honda FC600A 163cc 5.5 H.P. Mid-Tine Tiller

Honda FC600Honda GX160 engine is powerful, easy to start, and fuel efficient. Provides smooth operation and less vibration, helping to improve tiller performance and minimize operator fatigue. Keeps the tiller aligned for neater furrowing, protects plants, and prevents tines from catching fences and sidewalks when tilling close by. Adjusts to offer a comfortable operating height, no matter how tall you are. The depth bar makes it easy to control the depth and speed of the tiller. This helps to improve the performance by working the soil more thoroughly. Easy to adjust, with no tools needed. Front guard provides engine protection and serves as an additional tie-down point. Makes it easy to roll the tiller to and from the garden. The wheels easily lifts up to a locked position when tilling.

Commercial grade features for superior durability

The FC600 offers numerous features designed for tough conditions, including:

  • Reinforced handlebar
  • Tine seal shaft protection
  • Reinforced engine bed
  • Commercial grade fuel cap and filter
  • Tine axle seal guards
  • Corrosion-resistent muffler


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